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dardenne park

Dardenne Prairie, MO



To view more about our product lines, click on Miracle Recreation, Hags USA or UPC Parks under "Playground Solutions" on the left for a description of the manufacture and their products.

miracle recreation - Commercial Playground Equipment & Play Systems


Proudly made in Missouri and with over 80 years of experience, we are the RECREATION EXPERTS for all your commercial playground equipment, recreation and Outdoor Fitness needs. Miracle Recreation is Shaping the Future of Play.


New & Exclusive – Miracle is continually leading the playground industry with new and exclusive Commercial Playground Equipment, sports and site amenities products. Look to Miracle to lead the industry as the Playground and Recreation Experts.

Play Systems – Choose from 8 different categories of commercial playground equipment play systems. Our variety fits every need you may have from older children to toddlers to fitness equipment for all ages and space constraints.


Modular Play Events – Whatever your Commercial Playground Equipment requirements, whatever the budget or space, Miracle offers a myriad of modular play events to personalize your playground. And, as your needs change or grow, making updates with Miracle is simple and seamless.


Free-Standing Commercial Playground Equipment – Find everything from unique Climbers and overhead challenges to slides, Swings and Spring Riders to customize your Miracle play system. Give your kids more ways to develop their gross motor skills, sense of balance, as well as hand-eye coordination.

hags us - Inspiring all generations


HAGS is a global company with a product offering that stretches over an extensive range – for play, sports and other outdoor recreation – designed for people of all ages.  All our products are easily accessible through one contact. Still, the difference in HAGS isn’t just confined to the products we create. We believe that the most successful and engaging outdoor recreation areas are built through teamwork. We are happy to share our knowledge and flexible “toolbox” system to assist our customers from their planning to the ultimate delivery of their projects.


upc parks - Rocks & Ropes Adventure Playgrounds


Children gain extensive benefits by playing in nature. Better concentration. Better motor skills, balance and agility. More creative and imaginative play. Better problem solving skills. A motivation to learn. And kids who share and care for others and their own environment.


Children today have limited access to nature and in the natural world, there are few swings or slides. By combining elements that occur in nature and those that replicate nature, adventure playgrounds are designed to promote positive child development. Rocks & Ropes Adventure Playgrounds not only look like nature, but also provide the same positive effects of playing in nature.


Rocks and Ropes Adventure Playgrounds offer a unique and natural way for children to interact and play outdoors. Adventure Playgrounds supplies more realistic natural elements than those offered by your typical playground.  Playgrounds and structures are completely customizable, easy to fit your space and budget.


Adventure Playgrounds are comprised of “Monoliths” or large, boulder-like structures placed singularly or in congruence with other monoliths.  The structures have ledges and protrusions for climbing and playing across.   “Rocks” can also be linked to each other by rope bridges or placed next to “roamers”, log-like structures, for extended balance and play.


Installation is a pick-and-place process, there is little to no assembly.  The Monoliths bolt into pre-poured concrete, while Roamers can be placed at any selection point.  Ropes are cut to length, and therefore very customizable.

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